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Garrett Metal Detector

Ace 150

It’s easy to use, offers high performance handling without complex settings and adjustments as well as featuring intuitive controls that make treasure hunting fun, easy and very rewarding. Features excellent depth, accurate target ID and discrimination. On the Ace 150 you get features like 3 pre-programmed notched search modes, 3 depth levels, 4 sensitivity settings, low battery indicator, tone ID, graphic target ID and the interchangeable 6.5x9 Performance Ace Coil.

Ace 150 detector




Ace 250

Loaded with treasure-hunting features

Head-turning sporty, outdoor design

Full-range notch discrimination

Pinpoint feature

Graphic target ID with 12 element GTA notch    discrimination for greater accuracy

Touch-n-Go technology 5 pre-set hunting modes

MSRP $249.95

garrett Ace 250 metal detector

The GTI2500

includes all the features of the GTI 1500 plus a N0-Motion All Metal mode with Auto-Trac Ground Balance and new circuitry to drive the Treasure Hound Depth Multiplier with Eagle Eye Pinpointing (Optional accessory $199.95). Features include Treasure Vision, Treasure Talk, new 9.5 inch open Performance search coil, and 'Graphic Target Imaging' which truly add a new dimension to treasure hunting. A precision electronic instrument that utilizes the miracles of high technology to help locate coins, jewelry, gold nuggets, or any other kind of metallic object.



garrett 2500 metal detector



Please call to make a custom package.

The Garrett Infinium LS

is a completely new kind of detector, one the industry has never before seen, featuring Advanced Pulse Induction (API) technology, the industry's greatest innovation in years. Experience the convergence of the best metal detecting technologies available, and find out for yourself what everyone's been talking about. This new technology, teamed with the remarkable Power DDÖ search coil, provides treasure hunters everywhere with the most stable, rigid and performance-packed detector in the world.


Garrett Infinium detector



PRO Pinpointer

Search walls and tight spaces for caches, metal pipes, and nails in studded drywall. Check wood before cutting with expensive tools.

Scraping blade to sift through soil for target recovery

Speed target recovery

Audible and Vibrating alarms


Holster included

Garrett pinpointer

SuperScanner: Seciruty wand-

Ultimate sensitivity

Self Calibrating

Rugged High Impact ABS case

10" Scan surface

No tools required Sharp

Audible alarm and bright red LED light

3 color LED indication

2 yr warranty*

garrett scanner metal detector


Garrett Ace 250 Information Flyer

Graphic Target ID Cursor (12 Segments)
Discrimination: Accept / Reject Notch
Electronic Pinpoint
Sensitivity, Depth Adjustment (8 Settings)
Battery Condition Indicator
Coin Depth Indicator
Headphone Jack
Interchangeable Ace Series Searchcoils
Large LCD Display
Microprocessor Controlled
Push Button Controls
Clear Speaker Tone
Tone ID, 3 levels
Touch-n-Go Operation
Length: 42" to 51" - Adjustable
Weight: 2.7 lbs. (1.2 kgs.)
Frequency - 6.5 kHz
4 AA battery operation (batteries included)
2 year warranty
Search Modes:
All Metal
Full Range, Multi Notch Discrimination Modes
Sensitivity / Depth
Mode, 5 Distinct Discrimination Patterns
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Portland, OR. 97267
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