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In today’s world of heightened security, Hand Held Security Scanners are quickly becoming the most preferred security-scanning device in the Domestic and International Aviation, Law Enforcement and the Security Screening Industries.

Bounty Hunter sedurity detector


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Minelab security wand detector

Bounty Hunter Guardian Security Detector Wand

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Garrett security metal detctor

Minelab MF-1 security detector

Bounty Hunter Guardian

 The Guardian

Hand Held Security Metal Detector

Interference Elimination features include:

Momentary low toggle switch which eliminates interference from large metal objects and minimized signals from very small meta lobjects.

Choose from 2 alternate frequencies in event of environmental electromagnetic interference.

Audio Alert is a high pitch sound.

Vibration alert for silent operation.

LED Target indicator.

Low battery LED indicator.

Requires 1 9V battery (not included).



Garrett Superscanner

SuperScanner: Seciruty wand- Ultimate sensitivity

Self Calibrating

Rugged High Impact ABS case 10" Scan surface

No tools required

Sharp Audible alarm and bright red LED light

3 color LED indication

2yr warranty

Minelab MF-1

MSRP $ 129.95

MAP $99.95

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Please call to order

Please call to order

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