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some more of Mark Belda's  adventures

 This is a 1 pound nugget found with a Minelab Eureka Gold. It is real, I held it!

We sold the detector and the customer came to show us.

The customer loves this machine!!!!!

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Errol finds nugget with a Minelab Goldstriker
Mark and dave find gold nuggets
Dave and camping for gold nuggets


When I received my XT18000 (when it first came out), I made  plans to take a 3 day trip to an old mining area hat I had hunted

5 times before with other brand detectors , but without success. The ground changes every couple of feet which makes a

manual ground balance machine a real chore to keep in tune. On top of that, there are ironstone rocks to deal with. We packed

our camping gear and headed for the gold fields. This trip we took a different 4 wheel trail up a gully to an old miner's cabin. We

set up our tents next to the cabin and put the rest of the gear inside. We only had a couple of daylight hours left, so we started

to hunt some of the gulches that the old timers used to throw the rocks off  to get to the bedrock. We learned that when we found

their camp trash ( such as old tobacco cans, bean cans, etc.), we should hunt it very carefully, as this was usually where they

found nice gold. After a few nails, I got a faint, but sharp signal. I dug down about 3 inches. With my plastic scoop, I gathered

up some soil from the ground, waved it over the Coil (in 60 MHz mode) and got a sharp whistling sound. I poured some of the dirt

out of my hand and there was a nice 3 grain nugget. This was my first piece in an area that I have been to 5 times! I said to Dave

and Errol, that it must have friends nearby, so we proceeded  to hunt more carefully and WHUP!  A 12 grainer  at about 5 inches.

Then five feet more WHUP!  A 10 grainer. With it starting to get dark we all went back to camp to eat dinner, and as we sat around

the fire we heard the weather report and "rain by early morning", OH YUCK! Then Dave said, "lets take our lanterns and hunt all

night till it rains". We have done this before with success, especially in summer when it is so hot during the day. At night the

ground is cooler and we seem to get better depth and stay more focused. With our detectors, a lantern and backpacks full of

snacks we hiked back to the patch. We began to hit nugget after nugget. By midnight, we had 12 nuggets in total. We decided

to call it a night and head back to camp. By early morning we woke up to rain, with our tents soaked! It  felt like a kids wading

pool! We loaded up all our wet gear and drove into town and checked into a motel. The next day the rain stopped and we

 kept thinking of the nugget patch. We just had to go back again. On arriving, we hunted around the patch, but found nothing

except for trash. Inside the producing patch though, we found 12 more pieces in an area of about 20 x 30 feet. In total, the 24

pieces weighed 5 dwt. (1/4 oz) with the pieces ranging from 1 grain to .5 dwt. Dave, Errol and myself are excited about this area

and the Minelab XT18000. With the 3 frequencies we can hunt close together and different grounds. This machine makes it

so easy to hunt, my 9 year old boy can use it. ( This adventure was in 1997 and published in the Minelab brochure.)

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